Contemplative bath

Design: Giorgio Gasco

Shot & edit: Laura Sans

Production assistant: Romain Kloeckner

Cast: Giulia Mirabello, Romain Kloeckner, Giorgio Gasco

Special thanks to:
Albert Trimp
Joef Designstudio
Mike Roelofs
Theo Van De Velde
Theo Van Dooren

Design project by Giorgio Gasco at Design Accademy Eindhoven

It is rare to be alone in front of the infinite. This fascination for the complexity of existence creates tension, sometimes inspiring conflict, sometimes expressions of freedom.
For the designer today, a sense of environmental responsibility and even guilt compete with a feeling of power and an immersion in the freedom of making. In order to restore an internal sense of equanimity and a comprehensive and holistic vision, we need to step out and create a new context for reflection. We need to take a bath, and ponder the incoherence of human nature—our fragility, our strength, and our solitude amidst the infinite.