Music of the flesh

Directed, shot and edit: Laura Sans
DOP: Marco Zanin & Laura Sans
Producer: Marta Marcolin
Thanks to Bianca Viola, Daniel Benítez and Moris and Geny from Fakir-show.

The performance is a re-interpretation of hell through the red colour done by a videomaker and a musician.
We do not understand hell as a place, but as a suffering state.
Through the performance we want to help the visitor to to feel this state of hell and get closer to our non-place world; because for both of us sound is the main door to hell.
Every image create has been thought as part of a total understanding of the actual Occident image of hell, getting inspiration from our own culture and our art story without pretending to remake anything, we just want to transmit a natural suffering state of mind.

The first performance took place at Triennale, Milano (Italy), during the exhibition ” I see colors everywhere” curated by Sam Baron and Mariana Fernandez.